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We started EZ Digital with a simple belief that technology is pivotal for fostering business expansion and rapid scalability. We are committed to setting new standards with our seasoned experts in design, development, project management and customer success.

About our team

Our Values

Whatever we do at EZ-digital, honest work and continuous drive for improvement is at a core. Based on these values we create an environment for all employees that fosters growth and development. We want to be proud of our work and have established a high standard for quality at all levels for any type of project. United by these principles, we analyze data, design, develop and deploy our products and services to help our clients achieve their digital goals.

Our Vision

We have a vision that the digital environment can empower individuals and companies alike, for effective, meaningful and memorable experiences.

Our Mission

Our core belief is that our success depends on helping your business succeed and grow. We always keep our clients’ interests at heart, providing unparalleled customer service and product quality.

Our Team



Head of Product

I have been working as a full-stack developer and a project manager for over a decade. Having worked on hundreds of projects with a variety of businesses, I have developed a knack for understanding what each business needs for their digital presence, and how to implement most suited solutions in a cost-effective manner.

In my free time I enjoy hiking the hills of Los Angeles and visiting California’s breathtaking natural parks. I look forward to creating a solution to help you grow your business!



Head of Customer Success

Over the past decade, I’ve honed skills in project management, business development, and customer success. I excel at building strong client relationships and driving substantial revenue growth. My expertise allows me to understand client needs, ensuring not just satisfaction but continuous business growth. I’m committed to achieving tangible results by leading strategically and prioritizing client success above all.



Head of Technology

I have over 10 years of programming experience building several complex and high-performance web/mobile apps as a full-stack engineer.
My expertise extends beyond coding; it encompasses understanding business requirements, translating them into technical blueprints, and orchestrating solutions that strike a delicate balance between innovation and functionality.



Lead Designer

I’m a design lead with 15+ years of experience crafting brands, products, and successful design teams. At EZ Digital I design solutions that align business and technical requirements, with an emphasis on seamless user experience and increased conversions. In my prior roles, I have helped build products for major brands like, Maersk, Lloyds, T-Mobile, Internet Brands, Audi, Coca Cola, and more.

Ed - Web Engineer


Full-Stack Engineer

As a software engineer, I enjoy solving new problems and challenges on a daily basis.  Learning new technologies and approaches is a natural part of engineering, and I always do my best to stay in sync with the ever-changing tech world.

I love transforming designs and concepts into code that actually executes a solution that people find useful.



Folks at EZ-Digital are a pleasure to work with and we highly recommend them! They respond quickly to all of our emails, understands our needs, and implements all design and programming in a timely fashion and at reasonable rates. A pleasure to work with and would recommend to any business or individual.

YoniGarrison CollectionGarrison Collection

EZ digital took my mental model of a website and seamlessly developed it into a beautiful reality. George was fantastic with communication and timeless and fully executed beyond my expectations!

TommyScratch Golf ClubScratch Golf Club

The website’s homepage saw a 40% increase in conversion, impressing the company. EZ Digital’s hands-on project management approach was truly instrumental in the project’s success. They leveraged their experience to improve the firm’s redesigned website, making it more robust and user-friendly.

AimenEmpowerly, IncEmpowerly, Inc