Stormwind Studios

Stormwind Studios Website Developed by EZ Digital Marketing Agency
Stormwind Studios Website Developed by EZ Digital Marketing Agency

About The Project

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Stormwind Studios is a Scottsdale, AZ based company that brings live, interactive, HD video production to the IT training industry.

While Stormwind uses proprietary technology for their video training classes, their marketing website built with a WordPress site builder plugin was several years old and it was becoming increasingly difficult to manage the design and content of over a thousand pages. The site needed a major design overhaul, as well page speed performance optimization.

EZ Digital team stepped in to create a beautiful new design, intuitive content management, and a performance-optimized website built with WordPress API and NextJS that met client’s marketing and operational needs.


Project Challenges

The original “WP Bakery” front-end build presented several challenges making it difficult to manage all the content on the growing website

  • No unified page templates for almost 1,000 pages
  • No consistent way to manage hundreds of courses
  • No centralized course repository
  • Extremely slow page load times

Additionally, several new features had to be built out, including:

  • A custom even scheduling calendar for students
  • Integrating new leads with Salesforce


EZ Digital team created a beautiful design and built with a robust solution using React NextJS framework, while still utilizing the WordPress dashboard familiar to the client.

  • Diligently migrated existing data to the new format
  • Built custom post types and WordPress workflows tailored around business needs
  • Created a new, blazing-fast course catalog with search and filters
  • Built new API integrations to connect other services used by the company, such as Salesforce and Wistia
  • Built a custom calendar and event scheduling solution from the ground up.
  • And much more!
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Folks at EZ-Digital are a pleasure to work with and we highly recommend them! They respond quickly to all of our emails, understands our needs, and implements all design and programming in a timely fashion and at reasonable rates. A pleasure to work with and would recommend to any business or individual.

YoniGarrison CollectionGarrison Collection

EZ digital took my mental model of a website and seamlessly developed it into a beautiful reality. George was fantastic with communication and timeless and fully executed beyond my expectations!

TommyScratch Golf ClubScratch Golf Club

The website’s homepage saw a 40% increase in conversion, impressing the company. EZ Digital’s hands-on project management approach was truly instrumental in the project’s success. They leveraged their experience to improve the firm’s redesigned website, making it more robust and user-friendly.

AimenEmpowerly, IncEmpowerly, Inc

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